Automatische kippendeur , elektrisch kippenhok , kippendeur




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  • Timer mode + manual mode: the automatic chicken door has a separate control unit; in the timer mode, you can not only manually set the opening and closing time of the door depending on the season, direction and fixed time for entering and leaving the cage to achieve a comfortable and quick effect, but also protect your chickens, ducks and other poultry from other natural enemies such as weasels at night
  • LED display controller, easy to use: the metal automatic door opener chicken coop with timer is equipped with a high-resolution LED display that shows you exactly when the door opens and closes; the operation is also very simple, with a button on the bottom for a clear and easy time setting
  • Power supply options: There are two types of power supply, on the one hand via the plug, which does not require complicated wiring and is easy to operate, on the other hand via 3 AA batteries or LR06 alkaline batteries (batteries are not included), it works both indoors and outdoors and is an accessory that every poultry farmer needs.
  • Automatic chicken coop door: the chicken flap opens automatically in the morning and closes automatically at night, with a size of approx. 37 x 24.6 cm, it is suitable for all chickens and ducks of the right size. As an accessory for the chicken coop, it brings you chickens, ducks and other poultry comfort. It is safer and more stable enough to protect the poultry from natural predators
  • Durable material: The door frame of the chicken coop door is made of sheet steel, and the door plate is made of aluminum alloy, which is safe and durable and has good hardness; the surface is treated so that the color does not fall off so easily, so you don’t have to worry about rust and other problems, which ensures long-term use

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Automatische kippendeur , elektrisch kippenhok , kippendeur
Automatische kippendeur , elektrisch kippenhok , kippendeur