Automatische kippendeur , elektrisch kippenhok , kippendeur

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Merkloos, Sans marque

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  • DESIGN FOR INFRAME INDUCTION – With infrared sensor design. If your chicken just gets stuck under the door, the motor will automatically stop the door to prevent your chicken from being crushed and to provide easy and safe shelter. Equipped with a high-quality timer, it is designed for your convenient operation
  • DURABLE LARGE DOOR – The automatic basket door is sturdy and won’t bend or break if a predator tries to get your chickens at night. The door bracket prevents predators from breaking open the door. The size of the doorway is about 32 cm wide, about 30 cm high
  • HIGH QUALITY MOVEMENT – The automatic door opener for chicken coop has a high-quality movement. You can set the time to control the opening and closing of the door in morning or evening light
  • EASY TO USE – No complicated wiring or wiring. Install the door opener. Simply plug it in and it is ready for immediate use. Make sure your chickens are protected at night and protect your chickens from predators
  • FOR DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS – The automatic chicken door opener is suitable for all standard size chicken breeds, chickens and ducks
  • Please note that the sensor of the product is not blocked by foreign bodies or the circuit controlling the chicken coop has poor contact. Also, when stopping the engine, keep in mind that water may not have penetrated the engine

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Automatische kippendeur , elektrisch kippenhok , kippendeur
Automatische kippendeur , elektrisch kippenhok , kippendeur