Automatische kippendeur , elektrisch kippenhok , kippendeur

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  • Easy to use and install: easy to program buttons. Turns on automatically in the morning and off in the evening. Achieve convenient and efficient results. Just install the battery in the right place to use.
  • Safe: Suitable for chickens and ducks. As a chicken coop accessory, safer and stronger enough to repel predators and keep poultry safe. The power supply does not require complicated wiring, just install the battery in the right place to use. (Sent without batteries)
  • LED display: With an HD LED display controller, the time setting is clear and simple, and the specific opening and closing time of the chicken coop can be clearly seen through the display.
  • 3 mode: The time mode can set the time to open and close the chicken coop door according to the season, direction and normal entry and exit time of chickens in captivity. Light sensor mode is that the door of the chicken coop opens automatically at dawn, automatic induction. The remote control mode is a barrier-free operating distance up to 16 meters.
  • Durable and rustproof: The door frame of chicken cage door is made of iron sheet metal, and the door panel is aluminum alloy, which is safe and durable, light in weight, easy to use, not easy to lose paint and rust.

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Automatische kippendeur , elektrisch kippenhok , kippendeur
Automatische kippendeur , elektrisch kippenhok , kippendeur